VA Pension Benefit Basics

Originally Posted on September 28, 2017 by lawp873

VA Pension Benefit

VA Pension Benefit is a supplemental income benefit for veterans, spouses and/or their surviving spouses. The VA helps Veterans and their families cope with financial challenges by providing supplemental income through the Veterans Pension benefit. Veterans Pension is a tax-free monetary benefit payable to low-income wartime Veterans.

The Pension has three levels:
• Pension: over age 65
• Pension with Housebound benefit: disabled and confined to the home
• Pension with Aid & Attendance benefit: disabled and require the aid of another person to assist with activities of daily living or cognitive impairment.

The monthly benefits range from $721 to $2846, as of 2017 increase. Click here for current rates.

To qualify:
65 or older, at least 90 days of service, at least 1 day during active war time, discharge other than dishonorable, financially qualify.

To apply as a veteran you need VA form 21P-527 or 21P-527EZ.
To apply as a survivor you need VA form 21P-534 or 21P-534EZ

The application process can be intimidating and complex. It is recommended that you work with a VSO (Veteran Service Organization) or a financial professional to complete the application. This should be a free service as it is illegal to charge a fee to assist in the completion of any VA benefit form or paperwork.

The pension benefit can be used to pay for a caregiver that can help a veteran and /or spouse with getting dressed, preparing meals, food shopping, driving to a doctors’s appointment, light house cleaning, laundry, bathing, companionship, etc.

Matt Read